Mimi Is The New 'PINKO' Spokesmodel

I love Mariah Carey! I don't care what she does or how tacky she can look sometimes. Alright, most of the time. My love is unconditional. While I'm her biggest fan, I can't understand why she would lend her name and face to the Italian fashion label, PINKO. If you can't understand my dismay, simply gaze upon their Fall '06 handbags (if you can call them that).

Bags available at YOOX for $105 and $42 respectively. I won't go into detail about them because I just can't stomach it.

I wish sweet Mimi all the best. I hope this was a lucrative deal because only tons of cash could persuade me to endorse these hag bags, and even then I might seriously think about it.

For more details about Mariah's 'PINKO' deal, go to Teddy & Moo's Celebrity Gossip.


pursejunkie said...

The deal is done and Mimi is the official spokesperson? Is it too late to start a petition? Oh Mimi, you do no wrong by me but, I must draw the line at these sacks with straps! I consider myself one of Mimi's biggest fans. Mimi you sold out! I hope they are paying you tons of dough! I am curious to see if Mimi will ever be caught out and about sporting one of these things.

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