Celebrity Style: Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag

If you were, let's say, a famous singer with tons of money at your disposal, would you spend $42,000 for this bag? My hope is that everyone answers a resounding NO! The Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag has been touted as the world's most expensive handbag even though it's not - just ask Hermes. I can overlook the shameless and misdirected advertising, but not offensive handbag design. The best thing I can say about this bag is that several, more inviting LV bags were harmed to make it. I would have spent the $42,000 on the contributing bags separately and taken the leftover cash straight to Hermes for a Birkin.

Back to Beyonce, though. Obviously, one of two things happened here. She was either "gifted" this special edition hag bag with the understanding she would model it for LV, or she actually forked over $42k (or even a discounted amount) for it. Let's pray it was the former, because the latter would make me think Beyonce belongs in the loony bin. Fortunately for her, she'd have 23 other equally crazy ladies to keep her company since only 24 of these were made. I sure hope Beyonce looks "bootylicious" in a straight-jacket ;-)

***There's no need to provide details on were to purchase this thing because they're already sold out. WTH???***

Beyonce photo via People.com
LV Tribute Patchwork Bag photo via People.com
LV Spring '07 RTW runway photo via Elle.com


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