Celebrity Style: Kim Kardashian and the Fendi Studded Logo Bag du Jour

Kim Kardashian photo via Celebutopia

I love Fendi's Bag du Jour, but I must admit when I saw this photo of pseudo-celeb Kim Kardashian I laughed. This poor woman managed to pick the ugliest version of Fendi's popular 'Bag du Jour' line. No doubt about it. I could live with the signature zucca logo print and suede trim, but the studded grommet logo on the bag's front panel just kills it for me. Ugh!

It really doesn't matter that this medium-sized tote makes a great day bag. It makes no difference that its' generous size is adjustable and the bag's interior is well-appointed. Who can get past the heinous logo right smack in-your-face? Not me. If the style appeals to you, you'd be better off with the leather version.

By the way, if you thought Kim's 'Bag du Jour' was bad, get a load of these "beauties" below (insert sound of me hurling at this point;-) ).

Fendi Studded Logo Bag du Jour - $1410
Fendi Studded Logo Bag du Jour with purple or pink suede trim - $1410
Fendi Metallic Leather Bag du Jour - $1320


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