Celebrity Style: Selma Blair and the Marc Jacobs Memphis Tote

Selma Blair photo via Celebutopia

I tried not to write about this particular line of Marc Jacobs bags because I had nothing nice to say. Then I saw this photo of Selma Blair carrying a Memphis Tote in red quilted leather, and decided I could remain silent no longer. The quilting is fine on its' own, but when you add the diamond pattern to the mix it becomes way to busy to look good. Then there's the drawstring top, decorative padlock and tassel detailing to further confuse the senses. Plus, it's huge - 15.5 x 18. There's a whole lot of stuff going on with this poor bag. The smaller handbags from this line are not that much of an eye sore, but they're still not worth their price tags. Selma's Memphis Tote is a whopping $1995. Say what? 2K for this thing? Oh, no way that price is justified. I'd actually feel sorry for Selma if she weren't a beautiful actress with cash in the bank. This was not the wisest handbag investment on her part. Selma, next time, send me an e-mail when you're looking for a bag. I'll steer you toward a real winner.

Marc Jacobs Memphis Tote available via Neiman Marcus


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