Celebrity Style: Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and the Louis Vuitton Kalahari Bag

I've written about celebrities and their handbags for over two years, and I can safely say I've developed a keen sense of identification my husband finds "creepy". In other words, I'm very good at ID'ing celebrity arm candy. I'm usually not surprised by which designer label a particular celebrity gravitates toward - until now. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz threw me for a loop when she was spotted with the Louis Vuitton Kalahari Bag. While Ashlee's older sis, Jessica, is a notorious LV collector, I was shocked to learn Ashlee favors the iconic French leather goods purveyor with equal fervor.

It's not like Ashlee went for the tried-n-true Mono Speedy or something of that nature. The girl jumped into the deep end of the pool and snatched up the trendy, somewhat tacky and insanely expensive Monogram Canvas Kalahari Bag. This particular design, part of LV's spring '09 collection, is the monogram canvas version of the bag used in Madonna's now infamous ad campaign for Louis Vuitton. Before I start receiving nasty e-mails from disgruntled LV lovers, let me state for the record that I love the Kalahari Bag. Its overall design is modern and stylish in a way that's quite refreshing for LV. My problem is not with the design, it's with Ashlee's particular version of it.

The Monogram Epices version (left) we've seen on celebrities like Beyoncé and Mischa Barton is far more appealing than Ashlee's monogram canvas rendition. Why does Marc Jacobs insist on subjecting every single one of his new designs to mono canvas? C'mon, Marc, stop catering to the core fan-base of the label (which aren't going anywhere) and try designing for those of us that like Louis Vuitton but don't necessarily love it. Honestly, only hard core LV collectors would shell out $3400 for a monogram canvas bag. I can't bring myself to spend more than $1K on any monogram canvas bag, and I probably never will.

The Monogram Epices leather PM version is nearly $5000 (yikes), but at least it's different enough to even merit such a ridiculous price tag. Ashlee's GM Kalahari measures 13 x 12 x 3.5 and features ethnic detailing that would certainly compliment the actress/singer's current boho chic style. It's a shame she chose the fug version of the 'Kalahari', though. If she was already willing to fork over big bucks for it, why not go all the way and get the more attractive option. Better luck next time, Ashlee.

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Ashlee Simpson-Wentz photo via Popsugar


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