Celebrity Style: Rachel McAdams and the Givenchy Eclipse Hobo

I can't say Rachel McAdams chose a fabulous bag because it's not actually her bag. This photo was taken of Rachel on the set of her new movie Morning Glory. I know the Givenchy Eclipse Hobo Rachel is carrying in this scene looks amazing, but looks can be deceiving.

The Eclipse Hobo is actually a well-designed bag. It has a slightly structured shape with very pointed seam detailing and features an adjustable and very sturdy shoulder strap that will help support the weight of the bag's contents comfortably on the shoulder. The patent leather version of this bag is a sight to behold, but this cut leather interpretation is a disaster waiting to happen. The small leather squares are delicately laid out, and, unfortunately, lift along their edges with relative ease. After a couple of months of use, you'll end up with one ragged looking bag.

A fellow handbag collector and friend made the mistake of buying this bag and has regretted the purchase ever since. Had she bothered consulting me first (I read her the riot act about that), I would've advised her to stay away from this particular version of the 'Eclipse' and stick with plain old smooth leather. I'd recommend the re-tooled Eclipse Hobo (pictured below) available via LuisaViaRoma.com for $1586 with its braided leather-covered chain strap, silver hardware accents and textured black lambskin leather exterior.

It seems every designer label is jumping on the "rocker chic" bandwagon, and this design is certainly one of the safest and more mainstream-looking of the bunch. If you decide to ignore my warning and must have Rachel's version, it's available for $1675 via BarneysNY.

Rachel McAdams photo via JustJared.com


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