Celebrity Style: Kelly Osbourne and the Alexander McQueen Faithful Tote

I admit this is a completely gratuitous post. Just another excuse to write about the Alexander McQueen Faithful Tote (can you tell how much I like this bag?). I've been scouring the web in search of a Faithful Tote sighting and got my wish courtesy of Ozzy Osbourne's rambunctious offspring, Kelly. The cute and petite aspiring singer was spotted out with friends carrying the McQueen design and, oddly enough, a squirt gun. This would normally be a ridiculous scene for a 24 yr-old to find herself in, but it's Kelly Osbourne so this is perfectly natural in her book. I love that she marches to the beat of her own drum, particularly regarding fashion choices. She mixes it up with punk-inspired clothing or goes totally glam in Chanel couture, but I digress.

The real reason behind my post is to show all of you what the Faithful Tote looks like on an actual person. If this were a smaller bag, I think it would look fabulous on Kelly. However, the poor girl is the size of a hobbit and this enormous tote looks somewhat disproportionate on her. On the other hand, I'm nearly 5'10" so I could definitely rock this baby. Buy Kelly's black leather bag for $2295 thru Net-A-Porter or splurge (and I mean SPLURGE) on the python version for a whopping $7860 via alexandermcqueen.com.


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