Celebrity Style: Angelina Jolie and the Loro Piana Bellevue Pocket Tote

When did Angelina Jolie, bad-ass actress with a penchant for dating smarmy guys and wearing vials of blood around her neck, become such a demure, elegant lady? What made her change her style so drastically? Was it working for the UN, mothering an ever-increasing brood of children or hooking up with Mr. Pitt that pushed Angelina to the other end of the fashion spectrum? The world may never know, but what we do know from all the tabloids and evening entertainment news shows is that Angie is now the picture of perfection. Just this week Ms. Jolie inked a deal to star in a new movie clad in her favorite color, black, and carrying a classic Loro Piana Bellevue Pocket Tote.

This expensive leather bag ($3650) is handmade and stands as one of the most exceptional examples of high quality handbag craftsmanship in the world. I can only dream of owning one of these one day. Angelina's saddle brown version is lovely, but the 'Bellevue' comes in other equally appealing hues like red, black, grey and chocolate brown. You can find the Loro Piana Bellevue Pocket Tote (yes, that's a large, convenient flap pocket on the front of the bag) at Saks, Bergdorf's and Neiman Marcus or at any Loro Piana boutique. It has been available on-line from time to time, but your best bet to copy Angelina's style is by making a trip to any of these stores in person.

Angelina Jolie photo: Popsugar.com


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