Celebrity Style: Lindsay Lohan and the Alexander Wang Betty Flap Bag

Let's just assume from this photo that Lindsay Lohan has a few issues to deal with, one of them being the need for a coherent sense of style. The all-black look is perfectly fine to sport, but her haggard appearance isn't helped by it. The only bright spot in this entire outfit happens to be the Alexander Wang Betty Flap Bag LiLo is carrying.

The textured leather and stud detailing we've grown familiar with from Wang's Coco Duffel is also present on the 'Betty' bag. I love the grey color. It works well on textured leather (reminds me of an elephant's skin). The long front flap is a classic, rather elegant touch and a great contrast to Wang's urban detailing. The studs are kept to a minimum (thank goodness!) allowing the bag's practical side to shine through. How does an interior which can be expanded as needed with the help of no less than four side zippers sound to you? Well, that's exactly what the Betty Flap Bag delivers.

That poor Lindsay managed to add a bit of style to her lackluster outfit with the 'Betty' is a testament to this design's simple brilliance. It's a perfect companion for the younger set. Just polish up your look a bit, Lindsay, so your bag isn't the only positive thing about it.

Alexander Wang Betty Flap Bag available for $750 via satineboutique.com

Lindsay Lohan photo: popsugar.com


Michael St. James on November 9, 2009 at 10:34 PM said...

I really love this bag! The pebbled leather is flawlessly accentuated by the studded strap. It's practical and edgy at the same time!

gail said...

Dania, great write up and I like this bag much better than the Coco duffle. For fun, the only issue I have with your write up is "It's a perfect companion for the younger set" - I think a 40+ gal could rock this, what do you think?

Dania Padron on November 12, 2009 at 7:55 AM said...

I think anyone could pull this bag off. The design is simple, and simplicity lends itself to pretty much everything. I mentioned the younger set because AW is one of their favorites now and Lindsay is very fond of the designer. Even with all the edgy detailing his bags have, there is a classic vibe to many of them, this bag being a perfect example of that. It's sort of me saying, "Please, younger women, it's OK to rock simple bags and look more sophisticated and grown up".

I'm knocking on 40s door and I'd definitely carry this bag. No question about it. On the other hand, something like the "Donna" hobo, not so much ;-)

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