Celebrity Style: Victoria Beckham's Handbag Hit & Miss

Talk about having varied tastes. Victoria Beckham is one of the most fashion forward celebrities around. Most of the time, she gets it right. Sometimes, however, she goes horribly wrong. Let's analyze Posh's handbag style from the two photos above to prove my point, shall we?

The first of Mrs. Beckham's airport pics shows the former Spice Girl clad in head to toe black, including her incredibly chic Quentin Mackay Persia Two Handle Bag. This design is classic, sophisticated and edgy - the perfect foil for Victoria's wardrobe. The 'Persia' features the designer's signature ball and claw hardware (gold-plated, no less!) as well as a timeless, dome-like silhouette. Posh can and will get as much use from this bag as she does from her extensive Hermés collection. The large 'Persia' retails for about $2850. I know that is a steep amount for leather, but we're talking about high quality materials and hardware, ladies. If the price is a budget-buster, there is a smaller version available with silver hardware for $2500. I know it's not much of a difference, but every penny counts, right? Guess I shouldn't mention the $23,500 forest green alligator version. Oops, too late ;-) All three Quentin Mackay bags can be purchased via brownsfashion.com.

Now that we've covered the best of Posh's style, it's only fair we point out one of her glaring mistakes. In the second photo above, Victoria is once again at the airport clad in black (what a surprise ;-) except for the pet she's toting her Louis Vuitton bag. Fresh from LV's Spring 2010 collection, the Fox Tail Fur Messenger Bag is one hot mess. I don't even know where to begin when speaking about this bag. It looks like it's attacking the petite singer. Poor Posh! I suppose being friends with Marc Jacobs does have its perks, but having him gift you bags from any of his spring collections is not one of them. Unless he's paying you, Victoria, I'd shove this fur ball in the back of what is sure to be your cavernous closet. I hope she never wears this thing again so I'm not forced to see it.

Note to Marc: We get it! You really like ombre detailing and dangling embellishments. Why don't you hang them from your kilt, and keep them off your designs. In case you haven't noticed, those things make your bag's ridiculously ugly.

I don't have any pricing info on the Louis Vuitton bag, but I'm fairly certain I'll never report it here in the hopes no one ever feels tempted to buy it. Yuck! In a nutshell, even Posh is prone to a few "misses" among her many "hits". Just don't answer the phone when Marc rings you up, Vicky, and you'll be fine.

Thanks to Gail and Michael for pointing out these VB sightings to me.

Photos: starstyleinc.com; popsugar.com


Michael St. James on November 19, 2009 at 4:42 PM said...

This post is hilarious! No seriously...I can't stop laughing.

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