Kim Kardashian and the Givenchy Large Elschia Sac

Kim Kardashian and the Givenchy Large Elschia Sac

Another week, another Kim Kardashian review here at Star Style by Señora Cartera. It's not my fault. This pseudo-celebrity is photographed everywhere and always carries killer handbags so we're obliged to write about her. Which brings me to her Givenchy Large Elschia Sac, one of Givenchy's best designs in ages. The textured pebbled leather version Kim has is classic and quite practical. Measuring an impressive 20 x 14.5 x 7 with a somewhat tight 6" handle drop, the 'Elschia Sac' is not for tiny gals. If you're under 5' 6", I'd suggest using the smaller 'Elschia' (though not much less expensive than the larger size). It's not as cavernous, but will be more proportional on smaller women. I think the larger size works well on Kim even if she's not an Amazon like her younger sister, Khloe. Perhaps it's her voluptuous shape that keeps her from looking overwhelmed by the bag. Anyways, the bag is the star here (sorry, Kim). For $1975, the Givenchy Large Elschia Sac is an expensive carry-all tote. There are more affordable options out there. They're just not as chic as this one. Don't we wish we could find a bag with all that and an affordable price tag.

Photo source: celebutopia.com


gail said...

Just love Givenchy and am really considering the Ombre Messenger bag, but I just wish they would knock ~$500 off of their bags. Eventhough this would still put these bags at just over the $1,000 threshold, I think it could be easily justified because their bags are just so chic and of great quality. You surely don't see them everywhere either, which I like.

Dania Padron on January 20, 2010 at 7:48 PM said...

You make a great point, Gail. Givenchy uses some of the best leather anywhere. Even better than Balenciaga which is nearly impossible to believe. What I love best about their bags is their discreet allure. Not everyone is carrying them, and with those prices it's no wonder why.

Thank you for commenting on the new site, BTW.

gail said...

Dania, I love the new sites and as a whole it is all very polished. Good job!

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