Miley Cyrus and the Balenciaga Giant Pompon

Miley Cyrus and the Balenciaga Giant Pompon

I'm a huge Balenciaga fan as my fruitful collection clearly demonstrates, but I have to be honest and state the following - I sort of hate the Balenciaga Giant Pompon. I can't stand the look of it. It reminds me of the 80's and not in a good way. Apparently, Miley Cyrus does not share my dislike for one of Balenciaga's more recent silhouettes. She was photographed during the holidays with a giant silver hardware version of the drawstring tote. Nabbing Miley's bag will set you back $1795, so tread lightly and consider other options. While Star Style by Señora Cartera is not about recommending bags (that's what our other site is for), I will make an exception and say to all of you, "Don't do it. There are better bags with similar silhouettes available". A couple of designs you might be interested in are the Be & D Garbo Tote and Botkier Addison Tote, both less expensive than the Balenciaga Giant Pompon. If you're still interested, go to the Balenciaga website to purchase the Giant Pompon online.

photo source: popsugar.com


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