Amanda Seyfried and the Prada Studded Tote

Most of you are pretty much over stud-embellished handbags. It seems every designer has done a studded bag, and most of those attempts were disasters. Prada has been known to engage in the creation of trendy bags like the Studded Tote Amanda Seyfried is pictured carrying here, but many of them were disappointing. From ombre to fringe to patchwork designs, Prada and "trendy" never go together well. However, this studded version of Prada's Saffiano & Tessuto Tote is not all that bad. The urban chic look of the bag is in sharp contrast with Amanda's delicate features and sweet personality. It goes to show even nice girls like a little "rocker glam" in their lives, and a bag like this is a great way to get it. Nab Amanda's $2076 Prada Studded Tote here. For a plain version ($1550) with a rather masculine set of luggage top handles, head over to saks.com.

Photo source: popsugar.com

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